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Happy Margarita's

This shop is meant to bring happiness to your life. Be happy enjoying the small things in life!

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Shipped from our US store means that we personally reviewed the quality of the product, we personalized our packaging, we included a free gift and our shipping time is faster since we ship the products from Colorado - USA using USPS services.

Some of these products are hand made in the US.

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Shipped from outside the US means that we personally selected the products with the best reviews on the market and that we searched for the best dealers though we haven't personally reviewed the quality of all the products nor do we ship the products directly. We, therefore, cannot include the free gift nor personalize the packaging.

Also shipping time may be longer since it ships directly from dealer.

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Shipped from our partner in the US means that we personally created the designs for our products but they are made in the US by our partner and shipped directly from them. Therefore, we can not include the free gift that we offer for the products shipped from our store in the US.

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  • Accessories

    Everyone has something that makes you feel special. Look through our accessories collection, you may find a new special treasure...

  • Stuffed Animals

    Who doesn't need a new friend? Look through our stuffed animals collection, that cute special piece of happiness may be here...

  • Stationary

    Are you looking for something to inspire your day to day activities? Look through our stationary collection, you may find an unexpected piece of happiness...

  • Home

    Does your home inspire you? Look through our home collection, you may find more sources of inspiration...

  • Shoes

    Do you think your shoes should be comfy but cute? If you agree with that, look through our shoes collection, you may find something that catch your eye and your heart...

  • Beauty

    We know you have your own beauty, but why don't find something that will complement that? Look through our beauty collection, there is something special for everyone...

  • Clothing

    Do you want to spread happiness while walking on the street? Look through our clothing collection, there are cute and fun pieces to wear everywhere...

  • Shipped from our US store

    Are you looking for something cute and fun that will ship faster? These products went through a quality-review process and were packed and shipped from the US. Look through our collection. I am sure you'll find your special item there...

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